Want to bet on the league champion? That’s a future bet.

Future Bets

Did you know that you can bet on the champion of a competition without it even starting? Can you imagine betting on the possible World Cup 2018 champion without the ball even rolling? Yes, this is possible from future betting, also known as long term betting.

What are Future Bets

Betting Guide

Before the start of competitions such as national championships, cups and major leagues such as the Europa League, Champions League and World Cup, bookmakers usually open some future betting markets. Among these bets, the best known are those on the winner, i.e. who will lift the cup of the tournament in question. But the range of possibilities does not usually stop there. The bigger the competition, the more options you have to profit from it. Betting on the top scorer, who will be the finalists and even who will advance from the group stage are very common and profitable options.

The future bets are usually calculated by the bookmakers from statistics about each team or player taking into account their current moment and if they have stood out recently. A good example is the possibility of winning the World Cup. According to Bet365, the national team is rated as favorites to win the World Cup in Russia in 2018 with a return of R$ 5.00 for R$ 1.00. If starts the group stage very well, these odds tend to drop even more, but it is worth pointing out that if you bet before, your odds are guaranteed and will be worth the quote of the day you made the investment. And that’s where you can make a lot of money with future bets: having knowledge of the teams that will go to the World Cup 2018 using your feeling and intuition in football, you can bet on the one you believe really has chances of lifting the cup. And it’s not just in the World Cup, but in all competitions where you notice that some club might stand out or even some athlete you consider might win at the top scorer.

Although future bets are very advantageous, you will have to wait until the end of the competition to receive the profit of your bet if you win. But I believe it is worth the wait when you know you can make good money betting in the long run.

Betting on politics and entertainment


Don’t think that it is only in football that you can make your bets on champions, scorers and other possibilities. Bookmakers usually open up special future betting markets as well, for example in politics, where you can bet on the presidential elections of various countries and again and again you will see other types of long term investments like reality show winners, Oscar candidates and winners, whether a club will buy a player by paying in Bitcoin and even who will be the next Pope. The possibilities are diverse and you can find them in our list of reliable bookmakers. Who doesn’t like to come out ahead and then be able to say “I already knew”, right? And on top of that you can earn some money with your intuition.

We can’t always decide by ourselves which are the best future bets. That’s why here in Brasil we bring several tips on long term bets so that, if you still have any doubts, you can consult our articles and bet with more confidence. We even have special content about the World Cup 2018, where we bring you the best predictions for you to bet on.

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