Guide on how to make a good bankroll management

bankroll management

One of the biggest questions in sports betting is how to manage your bankroll. What is the best way to control my money when betting? Thinking about that, we separated here some valuable tips for you to control your money on the betting sites in a healthy way. The following model is very simple and easy to follow. When we talk about bankroll management, there are many methods that can be applied.

1. Divide your stall into units

This is the first tip so that you can have a good management. Make a division of your bankroll in units. Let’s use an example bank with an amount of $100. We will divide it into 100 units of $ 1.00 each. Note that we chose to divide it into several times (one hundred to be exact) precisely so we can make a large number of bets without jeopardizing our management. You don’t need to recalculate your bankroll every time you place a bet and your amount moves. Below I explain how you can do this. Nothing prevents you from dividing your bankroll in fewer units, like 60 or 80 for example, but remember that you will be risking a higher value in each bet.

2. Invest 1 to 3 units per bet

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When you are not sure how much to bet in each bet, it is difficult to know if you are making a good or a bad choice when investing. So make it a rule to invest one to three units on each bet. If you risk more than that, your bankroll management may not be as effective. From your confidence in the game, you will choose how many units you should invest. If it is more comfortable for you, choose to follow a pattern of only 1 unit on each bet.

3. Recalculate your bankroll when necessary

Remember in item 1 we divided our model bankroll in 100 units of R$ 1.00 each? That’s great. When the betting profits start to appear, that $100 bankroll will gradually increase and there will come a point where you can recalculate those units, after all your bankroll will be much bigger. The suggestion is that you recalculate your bankroll every time it doubles, that is, when our bankroll of $ 100.00 reaches $ 200.00, we will recalculate it again dividing it in 100 units of $ 2.00. In the video above I explain exactly how this calculation is done.

But what about when your bankroll suffers some fall? To not let it fall, let’s choose to recalculate our bankroll every time there is a 30% reduction. That is, still using our model bankroll, let’s assume you have already recalculated it once when it doubled and went to $ 200.00, but now it suffered a fall. When it reaches 30% less, in other words, it reaches $140.00, we’ll recalculate it again and now we’ll have 100 units of $1.40. See, it’s very simple. You just need to control your bets and always observe the starting point of your bankroll and if it is increasing or decreasing.

4. Don’t get out of the line


One of the most important tips is that you follow the bankroll management model you choose. Your betting success and your profitability are directly related to your bankroll management. So don’t try to recover losses quickly and don’t think there is such thing as a right bet. Stay within what you define for your bankroll, try to work some kind of strategy and you will see results in the long term.

5. Follow our hunches

No less important is to follow our hunches here at Brasil. If you have doubts about which are the best picks in each week and which are the best games to bet on, stay tuned here on our website and don’t miss anything that happens here, because we have betting experts that can help you a lot in your investments.

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