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live betting

Live betting is a phenomenon on the Internet. After being successful in Europe and the United States, the interest of bettors in obtaining profit from live handicapping has reached, and will continue to grow in high quality betting sites, such as Bodog or SpinSports.

As with any other betting option, there are always ways to assimilate the numbers from a handicapping perspective and gain an advantage in front of the bookmaker. Live betting is no different to this, and can be more profitable if you are good at predicting what will happen in the game in a short period of time.

Bookmakers need to deal with dozens of simultaneous games, and there is a limit to how far they can calculate odds for every throw of every match. But you, who are focused on just one game, can get a better view of what the chances are of a move being successful or not.

Basic live betting strategy

One of the simplest ways to make money with live betting is to keep an eye on the big favourite in the match. If he starts off poorly, but still has a good chance of winning, that is the best time to invest your money in him.

Let’s say that instead of betting live, you placed your bet on Bodog before the match. A bet on the favourite would be paying around $1.33 for every $1 placed. However, if he starts the game slowly, being pressured by the other team, this will cause the odds on the live version to change and could be as high as $1 for every $1. If you believe the favourite can still win, this is the best time to bet on him.

For obvious reasons, this type of betting requires you to pay close attention to everything that is happening in the match in order to determine, with conviction, if the team’s performance can still improve.

Advanced live betting strategies

live betting strategies

In some very specific cases, you even have the chance to make a middle with a bet that you have placed before. This means investing on both sides of the game at different times, with different odds, in order to extend your winnings at betting sites like SpinSports. It can also serve to minimise losses, which is known as hedging, in case the original bet proves to be a poor choice.

These live betting strategies are aimed at more experienced professionals, who know very well what they are doing. However, understanding the basics is essential to learning how to profit from them. The more you know and take advantage of live betting strategies, the more you will be able to win with them.

Who knows, maybe you’ll become an online betting expert and start creating your own strategies. The choice is yours – literally – as you gather new experiences with live betting and learn from them.

How live betting works

The few that don’t are due to the fact that they don’t have enough resources and technology to maintain the constant updates that a system like this requires.

Live betting is exactly what the name says: you can bet while the game is happening, from start to finish. During a match, a number of interesting options come into play for you to enjoy and have the chance to win some money.

Different live betting opportunities

live betting bonus

As a rule, you cannot bet on an event once it has started. However, this is possible if the site offers live betting. In this case, the opportunities that arise can be different from the bet you placed before kick-off.

For example, if a favourite starts off poorly, the odds for their win can suddenly increase. In some cases, the favourite may even become an underdog during the match. It all depends on how the odds were before the game started and how the two teams are performing on the field.

Another good live betting opportunity involves over/under betting. For example, if no team scores during the first half of a football match, the betting options on total goals will change as a lesser amount of goals is expected.

Occasionally, there are also betting options on ‘props’, i.e. the odds of an event happening. Some betting sites offer this option for NFL. For example, you can make your guess on how the campaign of the team that currently has the ball will end: touchdown, field goal, punt or turnover.

Predict sudden changes to win

The question that remains on the air: How do I make money with live betting? The answer couldn’t be simpler and at the same time more complex: predict sudden changes before they happen. Knowing the right time to bet is the key to success.

Remember that many bookmakers use computer algorithms to calculate odds, and you won’t be able to count on this help. However, no machine is infallible and it is impossible to calculate the human aspects perfectly. Watch the game carefully and with a critical eye, and you might just be able to beat the bookmaker.

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